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Park Heights Saints

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Building FCA Park Heights Saints Community Center

Every weeknight from May through November in Park Heights, over 200 football players and cheerleaders gather at Lucille Park to hear powerful words of truth, practice the sports they love, and fellowship with their community.

This was not always possible.

Prior to 2000, when Brother Garrick gathered with a team of prayer warriors and took over Lucille Park, the park was filled with drugs and violence. Like many open parks in metropolitan areas, void of purpose, the park had become a dangerous place to be for anyone, let alone a child.

Brother Garrick dreamt of a different kind of park. And through his work, he transformed the area of Lucille Park into a place where the citizens of Park Heights can go safely, with the expectations of great fellowship and excellent football.

FCA Park Heights Saints Community Center

The Park Heights Saints have been given an incredible gift. The house located at 4804 Reisterstown Rd is the house that Brother Garrick and countless others were discipled in. Unfortunately, the house like many in Baltimore, has fallen into disrepair. But Brother Garrick has a dream.

Similar to Lucille Park, Brother Garrick’s dream is one of restoration for the community of Park Heights and for this house. This 2,000 square foot center will serve as a gathering place for teams in between games and throughout the year. The Park Heights Saints community can gather to watch a game on TV, do schoolwork in the computer lab, eat together, or play a game of table tennis. This building provides a safe space for the kids who are being mentored and invested in to work, study, and fellowship in a protected manner.

The total cost for this building is estimated at $250,000.

The FCA Park Heights Saints Community Center will allow Brother Garrick and the Saints opportunities to continue to reach more athletes and coaches with the truth all year!

Brother Garrick always says, “If your surrounded by trash, you think you are trash.” Likewise, if you are surrounded by new life, you will think new life is possible!

December 2018 Update


Park Heights Saints Community Center Rebuild: As of Nov 2018


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